Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Thanks a ton for the Award!!!

Akheela from shared these awards with me. Thanks to Akheela!! She is great source of encouragement to me. She has great recipes - very versatile and unique.  Its a great motivation to all of us to receive such awards and share it with our fellow bloggers. In accepting these awards, a link must be added to the person giving the award and share it with other friends whose blog you really like. You can share it upto 15 friends and share 7 things about yourself. 

About myself !!!!???? A seedha sadha house wife learning new things everyday. :-)
I am lively person with positive attitude towards everything. 
I never take things seriously. Thats my plus as well as minus. 
I believe in hard work and efficiency. Give your best shot when you get the chance. You will definitely be paid for your efforts.
I love food. I was used to only relishing my mom's food and now after marriage, I am still a beginner  in my kitchen. 
My new experience : gardening. Gardening has been my all time theoretical hobby ;-) but only now I have got a chance to make it my reality :-)
I have given so many positives about my own self. Let me be fair and give some negatives too: Kind of laid back girl. If given a chance I will sit and watch movies all day . Lazy to do household work. Esp now after wedding where you need to do everything yourself in this place.  Thats it. Nothing much :-) I think I have written enough about myself. Now let me go to sharing my awards with my other friends....

I would like to share these awards with:

These blogs are very interesting, innovative and versatile. I love these blogs and they also a part of my inspiration and motivation. Thanks a lot once agian! 


  1. Congrats on all your awards, wish you many more success and awards. Thank you so much for sharing these awards with me :-)

  2. Wow congratulations on ur well deserved award....Thanks a bunch for sharing this with me...I am really honored.....keep up the good works....


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