Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Simple Salad comes with an Award!

Yes, I receive this Versatile blogger award from PJ - Seduce your taste buds few days back. Thanks to PJ. She has a wonderful blog and lots of healthy and yummy recipes. Frankly speaking, I was actually waiting for everyone to post the awards so that I can post mine. Now I thought would be right to share this award with my friends. In receiving this award, we need to pass it to 10 fellow blogger friends. :-)

1. Divya Vikram - Dil Se
2. Alessandra - Only Recipes
3. Srimathi - Few Minute Wonders
4. Nitu Bala - Nitu's Kitchen
5. Cool Lassi - Pangravy kadai curry
6. Priya - Elaichii
7.Sangeetha - Healthfood Desivideshi
8. Indian Spice Magic
9. Santhosh Bangar - Santhosh's Kitchen
10. Sadhana - My lovely Kitchen

Congratulations my friends. I just chose them in a random order .Would love to share it with everyone but it limits to 10. Enjoy your day!!!

Now coming to the salad...

I had made this salad for our lunch today. I dint have sufficient ingredients to make a complete salad. So I just made a simple one with veggies I had. My husband prefers one raw vegetable along with regular cooked vegetable dish in his meal everyday. That way, we eat more vegetable and less of rice. Its healthy and at the same time feels light. Usually if I am lazy I just chop carrots and sprinkle some pepper and salt, sometimes its cucumber. Today its a combination of both. 


Carrot - 1 small chopped into bite size cubes
Radish - 1/2 ( length of our palm) chopped into cubes
Cucumber - 1 small cut into cubes
Cilantro - handful chopped fine
Lime juice - 1 tbsp
Salt - to tate
Greec Chilli - 1 chopped ( optional)


Mix all vegetables in a bowl along with salt and lime juice

Garnish with cilantro.

Serve it cold as a side dish, salad.

See you soon with more. :-)


  1. Thank you so much for the award. I will try to pass it on to other bloggers. The salad is a great idea to have with every meal. I tend to make it often too.

  2. congrats on your award abd thanks a ton for sharing it with me. Your salad looks wonderful!
    Keep more recipes coming in!

  3. Wow, thank you!!! What do I need to do now? Do I need to put the award on the Semifreddo dessert, and then pass it on to other bloggers? Do I need to allocate it to a particular post?

    I never got a blogging award before!



  4. Hi Amritha,

    Congrats on your award and thank u so much for sharing it with me.I am new to blogging and have the queries like alessandra.

  5. congrats on ur award n the salads looks delicious.

  6. Thank you Amrita ...for remembering me for this award.
    I got to know a few wonderful bloggers here.
    The salad is simple and yummy healthy goodness, I believe it is the simpler recipes which enable us to stick to healthy eating .... it's so easy to include in each of your meals.

  7. Congrats on ur award, salad looks very refreshing and colorful..

  8. Congrats on ur award dear, love your simple and healthy salad too..

  9. Congratulations ! Salad looks tempting..

  10. congratulations on winning

  11. Congrats Amritha!
    Salad looks fantastic..lovely combo of ingredients.

    US Masala

  12. Simple and healthy salad. Congrats on the award and thanks for sharing it with me.

  13. delicious salad congrats well deserved award

  14. congs on ur award i am honoured as u share this award with me i am thankful to u thinking me for this award.
    salad is fabulous and spicy

  15. yummy salad and congrats on your award. Wish you many more to come

  16. congratulations on ur award, this colorful salad surely motivates me to eat my veggies :) u have a nice space, my first time here, will come back often.

  17. congrats, this is my first visit on your blog and i been impressed with your simple veggies salad that makes me to have a healthy eating.

  18. Colourful salad, looks refreshing.My 1st visit here following your blog now.Do drop by simply.food sometime.


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