Sunday, September 19, 2010

Methi (Fenugreek Leave) Roti - Fresh Methi from My Garden

I harvested my methi leaves today and I was so happy to see my produce. It was so fresh and crisp. I couldn stop myself from admiring my pot full of methi plants. I was overwhelmed by the harvest. This is actually my first harvest in our new house. With great enthusiasm  I planned my dinner with methi leaves. First thing that will come to our mind.... Yes! Methi roti. This was our dinner. When we cook food from our own garden, there is a great feeling of accomplishment, fulfillment, satisfaction and what not. 

Fenugreek or methi has so many health benefits. Helps in diabetics, Cholestrol control, Menopause, Hair growth etc. It has good dietary fiber and are rich in Vitamin C and K . They are enriched with minerals. Now let me take you to the recipe. 


Methi Leaves - 3/4 cup chopped
Wheat Flour - 2 cups
Salt - to taste
Onion - 1 medium size finely chopped
Corriander powder - 1/2 tsps
Cumin powder - 1/2 tsps
Red Chilli powder - 1 tsps
Oil - 2 tbsps


Take wheat flour, methi leaves, onion, chilli powder, corriander powder and cumin powder in a bowl. Add salt and oil to it and mix well. 

Now add water little by little and knead the dough untill it doesn stick to hand. If you feel you add extra water, sprinkle some flour and knead again. When done leave it aside for about 1/2 an hour. 

Make Chapathi's with the dough. 

Heat the pan and toss chapathi and cook it until it is golden brown on both sides. You could drizzle oil on top of it or could make it sukka. Serve it with Yogurt , pickle or dhal or subzi. I made 5 dhal subzi. Tasted very good. 

Sending this to Priya's Low Oil Low Calorie Event originally started by Pari. Also sending this to Hearth and Soul



  1. ...wish I could grow at least something in my Texas soil: but your methi roti look superb! NOthing like fresh from the garden!

  2. Anonymous7:43 PM

    I really wish methi was as widely available in US as in India....your garden methi looks super fresh !!!! And I love the roti u prepared with it! tasty and healthy!

  3. Your roti look beautiful - I have never seen methi here - in fact I'd never even heard of it until I read your post. Great to learn something new and especially learn of its benefits.

  4. Wow, methi looks so light and delicious...I have NEVER seen it before. I'm on the look out for either fresh or dried...I really want to try it. This is a beautiful dish, thank you so much for sharing it with the hearth 'n soul hop this week! =)

  5. You make the construction of the Chapathi look so easy! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Thanks Adelina, Sinfully spicy, Sue girlichef and melynda.

  7. These looks so delicious - I have never seen methi before but I could sit and admire your bowlful!! thanks for sharing with us at hearth'nsoul

  8. Hello AK! so glad you could join us on the hearth and soul hop! I love when new bloggers visit so I can then follow them! I found some wild fenugreek growing in my garden one year. A bird must have dropped the seed. I had never tasted it before raw, and it was a bit strange but i know when it is cooked it tastes very good! I also love making the breads this way, so easy and delicious! Thanks for sharing on the hearth 'n soul hop!

  9. I tried growing fenugreek in my garden last year, but it never got to be as lovely as yours. But seeing this gorgeous recipe makes me want to try again. Thanks for linking up with Hearth n' Soul this week.


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