I am no different from any housewife. Got married and came here to San Diego to start new life in this unknown world. I came to US in 2007. I love food and travel. It took me a while learning to cook  :-) Now I have improved to the state that I can post recipes.

My husband and I did a little bit of travelling in our early stages of married life. Thought why not share the beauty of the world with all... 

I love gardening... I love to play with plants but only now I have got that opportunity to implement my gardening skills. Trying to learn about garden, vegetables, fruits and flowers. 

Now that I am making sometime for my blog, I thought I will share my experiences with everyone. In this blog, I have articles about food, different places I visited and also little things from my gardening experience. 

So read, enjoy and benefit :-) 

Have a Wonderful Day!!!


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