Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Kai Murukku

I realised that I had been missing my kitchen so much only today. Continuing on my gas restoration celebration I made Sweet Appam and Murukku. My husband was surprised. He in fact thought that he probably missed some important date and cleverly asked me what was special today. ;-) But yeah he finally knew that we got back our connection after a week. So he was really excited too... It might sound silly, but know what, its really really hard to manage without gas for a week. Its a big story I should say. So here we go for the murukku. 


Rice flour - 2 cups
Urad flour - 2 tbsps
Asafoetida - a pinch
Butter - 2 tbsps (melted)
Salt - to taste


Sieve rice flour and urad flour to remove impurities.

Mix rice flour, urad flour, melted butter, salt and asafoetida in a bowl. Add watter little by little and mix it well until it forms into a thick ball.

In a clean white cotton cloth, sprinkle water and take a portion of the batter and twist it into the shape of murukku. If you do not want to try with hand, you can use the murukku mould and fit the plate with star in it. Fill the mould with batter and squeeze it on the cloth in round shape.

Its fun to try it with our hand. So i did it this way. Then deep fry each one in oil at a time. 

When the murukku turns golden brown you can remove from heat. Strain it for excess oil and serve it with hot tea or coffee. Its very easy to make and it doesn't consume time.

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