Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Mint Tea!!!!

Its been a while since I posted recipes. Long weekend, down with fever how bad is that????? Sitting at home doing nothing :-( Difficult situation right!!! Anyways... Am back with more now after a small break. In this break I noticed so many new and yummy treats to our taste buds. So here I am with an interesting tea. With my cold and I the climate being erratic here today, felt like having something warm. This is an Moroccan tea which they serve at the end of their course. The main reason to serve it at the end is because mint serves as a great mouth freshener. But we can have it anytime whenever you feel like drinking something hot especially in winter. Moroccan table manners is very similar to Indian style where they wash hands before they start their course and after they finish the meal. We were really surprised when the person at the restaurant asked us to wash hands in a bowl in warm water. They have five course meal.They have good items in their meal. Very interesting restaurant. If you get a chance I would recommend you to visit a Moroccan restaurant. You will enjoy.


Green Tea Leaves - 1 tbsps
Mint Leaves - 15 Leaves
Honey 1 tbsps
Water 2 cup


Boil 2 cups water immerse green tea leaves and mint leaves in that hot water. Leave it for 2 mins and drain the leaves.

Mix honey in the tea and serve hot.

Very refreshing winter drink.

Mint on Foodista

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