Thursday, September 23, 2010

Black Currant - Raspberry Milk Shake

Its pretty warm today in San Diego and I felt kind of dehydrated. Wanted to have a thirst quenching drink. When ever I feel like this, I make some milkshake which is light and not so heavy. Light milkshakes are the best thirst quenchers to me. This time I tired Raspberry black currant milk shake. I had bought dried black currant yesterday. I love to eat it just like that. But today I tried this milkshake. It was very good. Black currant and raspberry made good combination. Very nice color, thirst quenching drink and a light drink...

Nutritional Values:

Black currants have high Vitamin C and E content and rich in potassium iron and other valuable nutrients. Raspberries are also rich in antioxidants.Coupled with this strong B vitamin and mineral content, raspberries qualified as excellent in terms of dietary fiber. This combination of nutrients makes raspberries a great fruit choice for having minimal impact on blood sugars.


Dried/ Fresh Black Currants - 1 tbsp
Raspberry - 6-8
Milk - 1cup
Sugar - 4 tbsps


Soak the dried black currant in milk for about 5 - 10 mins so that it will be easy to blend with raspberry. If fresh you can use it directly.

Grind the soaked black currants along with that milk , raspberry, milk , sugar in a blender untill frothy...

Serve it cold on a sunny day.

Sending this to Akila's DSWB - B

See you soon....

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