Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Interested in some general tips ???

Lets take some time off from regular cooking and recipes. Thought why not share some useful cooking as well as general tips that is used in our day today life. 

Preventing Cold: It is getting cold in most countries. It is very important to remain covered so that we are not affected by the cold climate. We need to cover 3 most important parts of our body. Rest will be taken care automatically. Make sure you cover your chest, ears and feet. These are the most important parts that are main source of getting affected by cold. 

Bad Breathe: Had onions today??? Mouth smells of onion??? Do not worry.. Just munch few corriander seeds for 2 -3 mins and you could just spit them out. You will notice the smell is gone. You could chew cloves too. 

Tooth Ache: Cloves are very good for teeth. Especially clove oil is very good when you have tooth ache. 

Blisters in mouth: Do u have blisters or ulcers in your mouth?? Just gargle gingelly oil/sesame oil for 2-3 mins twice a day. Your blisters will be gone.

Mouth Freshness: Gingelly oil is a very good mouth freshener. Gargle every morning before you brush your teeth. You do not need any other mouth rinsing agent. Your mouth stays fresh. 

Lighter Skin: Like to have clear and light complexion??? apply few drops of milk or the malai from boiled milk everyday in the morning as soon as you get up. Wash it during your bath. Do this for a month, you will definitely see results. Continue doing it for long lasting results. Proved true for my mom. She used to apply and still continues to apply everyday and her complexion is great. 

Gastric Problem: If you have severe gastric problem and pain near your chest or stomach pain , just take one garlic pod, chew it and swallow it. You will see immediate relief. its hard to chew and eat it. You can chew, take the juice and drink water. You will be fine in just 5 mins. You could then chew some corriander seeds to get away with the garlic smell if you do not like it. 

Cholesterol Control: A pinch of cinnamon powder in warm water every morning brings your cholesterol level to control in just 1 month. 

Fridge Freshner : Baking soda is the best freshener for refrigerator. Removes all odors int he refrigerator. Known to almost everyone.

Dark Circles: To get away with dark circles, apply potato paste every day. It not only removes dark circles, but also any other black spots in the face. Just grind potato and apply it on the black spots or dark circle. 

These tips are tried and results enjoyed either by my immediate family , myself or my friends. Hope you too benefit from these tips. Meet you with many more such useful tips now and then. Till then have a wonderful day!!!


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