Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Cherry Mango Blast!!

Its summer!!! We all love summer.. Its the best part of the year to enjoy at the same time keep our body hydrated. I was just sitting on my couch thinking what to write for the blog today and suddenly the Cherry Mango Blast idea stuck my mind. Usually i just make milkshake out of  fruit and milk and may be sometimes add sugar. This time I wanted to add something more to it. The best thing to add is obviously ice cream. What flavor???? Usually i prefer vanilla as its a safe option. This time I had mango ice cream. And beleive me its so delicious!!!!

Serves : 2

All you need is:

Fresh Cherries - 8 to 10
Milk - 1 cup
Mango Ice cream - 4 scoops.


Take out the pits from cherries. Blend it along with milk and ice cream in the blender untill everything blends well and you see the froth. I like shakes with the froth. So I whip it extra for about 2 mins and that's it! The Cherry Mango Blast is ready in no time.

Health Factor:

I read an article on Cherries which states that cherries are great source of vitamin C, rich source of fibre and it has melatonin which helps regulate sleep cycles.

Such a great drink for summer !!! Yum! Yum! yum! yum! Delicioso!!!

I am sending this recipe to Ayeesha's Veggie/ Fruit A Month event and also Priya's Vegetable/Fruit A Month"


  1. Looks Very inviting AK.Will try it.

  2. Lovely cherry drink, thank you so much dear for sending it to the event:-)

  3. Woww ... Looks very appealing ... keep the good recipes coming amritha ...
    Next month I am guest hosting the event "cooking with seeds" ... theme is ajwain. Looking forward to a recipe from you.


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