Sunday, December 6, 2009

Citron Sweet and Sour Pachadi - Chutney

I was having a chat with my grand mom yesterday and she told me about this citron sour and sweet pachadi (chutney). Initially I was hesitant to taste it but once I tasted it I liked it so much. For people who like the flavor and taste of citron, this is a great receipe. It is easy and its so delicious. U can store this for many days and eat it as side dish for anything.

Health Benefits: 
It cleans the spleen and purifies blood in the body. Helps in digestion. Vitamin C content and hence fights against cold and flu. Also improves immunity.


Citron finely chopped - 3 - Medium Sized as seen in picture
Oil - 2 Tbsp
Jaggery - 1/2 Pound
Tamarind  paste - 3 Tbsp (or 1 lemon sized tamarind squeezed as thick paste)
Dhaniya (Corriander seeds) - 2 Tbsp
Channa Dhal - 2 Tbsp
Dry red chilli - 3 ( depends on individual spice level)
Urad Dhal - 2 Tbsp
Salt - one pinch

Take oil in a pan and sautee the cirton well untill it looses color. Soak the same in the tamarind paste for about ten mins. When the citron absorbs the paste well, cook it in a pressure cooker upto 3 sounds (the sounds depend on the cooker capacity to cook the citron). After the citron gets cooked, cool it and grind it to a thick paste. Now add jaggery to the paste and bring it to boil. Add a pinch of salt to it and let it boil until the mixture thickens. Now dry roast dhaniya, channa dhal, dry chilli, urad dhal to fine powder and mix it with the boiling paste. Let it boil for another 2-3 mins and turn off the heat.
Serve it with Chappathi, Poori, Adai, Curd rice. It tastes well with everything.
Meet you soon!!!!

I am sending this post to Suma's (Veggie Platter's) Ongoing event " Indian side dishes other than subzi / dals"


  1. Miss those narthanga/gadaranga pachdis.Looks inviting for this cold season.


  2. Though I have never tasted this chutney it sounds so delicious. Thanks for sending this over.


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